Friday, October 31, 2008

Family Photo Calendar

We have taken personalization of Custom Photo Calendars to a whole new level.

While the market abounds with personalized calendars, the custom calendars produced by Sella’s Creations offers several unique features that’ll appeal to both individuals and businesses.

Custom Calendars from Sella’s Creations for individuals are designed to at once be a scrap book, a colorful memory, or an affordable and exciting gift for friends and family. Thanks to Katie Pertiet for all the graphics.

All you have to do is provide your select photos and your special dates. Sella’s Creations takes care of everything else!

Here are some compelling reasons as to why you should choose Custom Calendars from us.

You decide the calendar cycle. Nothing says that calendars have to start with January. Have school going children? Your calendar can be from August to July!

You pick the photos that go into your custom calendars. Pick up to 32 unique photos!

You can even decide what occasions and holidays get highlighted on your personalized calendar!

A whole page is dedicated to ‘Important dates to remember’. Birthdays, anniversaries, school events etc. Dates that are important to you and your family. No more belated greeting cards!

No minimums - period. Yes, you can order just one custom calendar or a dozen. And oh yes, we have special orders if you need a whole lot more!

Features of personalized calendars from Sella’s Creations

Calendar opens to a full 11” x 17” and can hang on a wall.

Each month has its own page with an extra page for your special dates to remember.

Photo layout is uniquely different for every page.

National holidays and other occasions are highlighted with unique icons on the relevant months.

Photos, Images, and Dates

Provide at least 40 different high resolution images of your favorite photos. This allows Sella’s Creations to pick the ones best suited for a particular page.

You may e-mail the photos to
Sella's Creations or provide them on a disc or thumb drive. Which willbe returned with your calendar.

If you need help in picking photos, just contact Sella’s Creations for guidance.

A whole page on the back is dedicated for dates that are important to you and your family. Simply note down the dates, the occasions and the names and send it to us via e-mail.

Order process, lead times & delivery

Sella’s Creations’ standard turnaround time for custom calendar is three weeks from the day the photos, dates, and payment are received.

Shipping will be by US Mail and actual shipping & Tax will be collected at the time of order.

Quantity & Pricing

There is no limit on quantities – no minimums, no maximums.

$20 for the first copy and $15 each for the next two copies. Additional copies are $10 each.

Contact Sella’s Creations for special pricing on high volume requirements.

Create fun themes:

1. School year calendar with field trips, holidays and lessons
2. Anniversary to anniversary
3. Baby’s first year (a perfect gift for grandparents)
4. The wedding march (from the engagement party to the big day)
5. Perfect for family reunion
6. Family Vacation
7. Scan in your child's favorite artwork to make a calendar that's perfect for grandparents (and all loved ones)!

Let us know if you need something special. We'll be happy to let you know if it can be done, and provide a quote. Contact Sella's Creations

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